Save Time, Test Smartly

Framework for creating automated tests for your DATA.
Super easy to start with, you can create your first test in 5 minutes.

Get Started

Free to use for interactive runs (even for enterprises).
You need a license ONLY for non-interactive runs (like CI/CD, scheduled runs etc.)

Get started

Create your first test within a few minutes. Follow our tutorial, it has only 4 simple steps.

Full documentation

Full CAT documentation, with every feature described in detail. Use it as a reference.

Release notes

See what's new in CAT. We are adding stuff constantly. High-level details about every new CAT version.

CAT editions

CAT comes in three flavours. The features are the same in all of them. So what is different? Compare


Are you interested in what new features will come to CAT and when? Do you want to influence what will CAT look like?


Many big and small companies form different industries use CAT to ensure data quality. See the references.


TLDR: free for interactive use (YOU run the tests), even for commercial purposes. Scheduled runs in paid edition only. See full text of terms of use.

Privacy policy

TLDR: CAT collects telemetry data. Nothing that can identify you, no SQL statements, no test names etc. Feature usage only. See full text of Privacy policy document.