CAT roadmap for this year and beyond

The following list contains main topics we intend to integrate into CAT in the near future. We are working hard every day to make it possible.

Bear in mind that the most important inspiration for the future of CAT is you. Your feedback is the main driver for what will be implemented and when.

2023 Q3

CAT Studio

  • The best UX for tests authoring and debugging ever
  • UX enhancements (like filtering tests in UI, easier running of tests, …)
  • Will incluide test debugging directly from UI

Test Templating

  • Using macros / metadata for even easier generating of tests preview

Full Microsoft Fabric Compatibility

  • Connectivity: Compatibility with all the major Microsoft Fabric data repositories
  • Security: Support of Azure Active Directory (incl. Service Principal support)

Various Result Options

  • New types of test results, like warning or critical

New Types of Tests

  • Set is not empty done
  • Set operations (such as sets intersect, except, …)

2023 Q4

New Providers

  • Examples: Databricks, MySQL, MariaDB, Cosmos DB, …

User Voice

  • Online platform for collecting user feedback
  • Feature suggestions
  • Issues reporting

Project File Enhancements

  • Expected data can be specified directly in the test definition

Saving Test Results to Relational Database

  • Save results of the tests to a table with minimum effort
  • This allows easier analysis of results and easier integration with other systems

Native DevOps Platform Support

  • Such as GitHub actions, GitLab, …
  • For even easier onboarding of CAT technology in automated pipelines

Test Authoring from UX

  • Use CAT studio to create, change or delete tests


Integration with Other Testing Frameworks

  • E.g., use CAT studio to manage tSQLt tests
  • Potentially integrate with other frameworks

Test Dependencies

  • Such as stop execution when some test fails, exceptions, special handling, …

And Other Ideas

These topics will inevitably come too:

  • Integration of AI to help you as a copilot-tester
  • Linux support
  • Integration with Purview

This roadmap is here to share our intentions about future development of CAT. It serves no other purpose. We do NOT guarantee when (or even if) the features will be implemented and how. All information is subject to change.