Test Results

How to work with test results?

If you ran Invoke-CatTest or Invoke-CatProject, it displayed some log messages and a summary. There is couple of commands, that can help you to examine results and work with them.


It displays the results, something like this:


If you need to work with the values, get all the information as objects, like this:


The commands above are good for summary overview, but you most likely also need details - what tests failed, how long was their execution time, etc. etc.:


Use all of the PowerShell greatness. Small example: filter all non-passed tests, sort them by execution time descending and output them in a grid view:

 (Get-CatTestResult) | 
    Where-Object { $_.TestResult -ne 'Passed' } | 
    Sort-Object Duration -Descending |

Out-GridView with failed test