CAT 0.18.0

Integrate CAT Into Various DevOps Platforms

Running tests against your data is not perfect, until you fully automatize the process. Only then you can have complete trust in your data. If anything goes wrong, failing automation pipelines will give you clear understanding of what is wrong and where.

With CAT it is easy. We prepared guidelines for you for many platforms:

If you don’t use any of the mentioned, see a generic guidelines how to incorporate automated data tests in your processes.

Big thanks from CAT team to automation guru @Adam Štrauch!

JUnit Output Added

CAT supports numerous output formats, such as MS Excel, JSON and others. This allows easy integration with other platforms and testing frameworks.

JUnit was missing, now it comes out-of-the-box. And as usualy, it’s as easy as this:

Output: JUnit

See full documentation.

Metadata Driven Testing

Feature for generating tests from metadata was in preview, now it is fully supported. See documentation for details.

We received very positive feedback for this. Try it out.

Documentation Review

CAT documentation was completely reviewed and improved. Big thanks to @Adam Robinson.

Happy testing, wish you all green ;-)

CAT team