CAT 0.6.0

Output test results in MS Excel

Remember you have more options for storing results of tests?

Output: trx, yaml, json

Now, there is one more - the always requested .xlsx format:

Output: xlsx

Use trx for Azure DevOps, json for further automation, xlsx for your users :)

Excel Output Example

The output defaults to TestResults directory with a timestamp in a file name. But if you need more control, you can do the same tricks as with all other formats:

- Format: trx
  Path: LatestResults.trx
- Format: json
  Path: result-{timestamp}.json

The first example always rewrites the LatestResults.trx file with current content. The other creates a result….json file in the projects directory (not in TestResults directory as in default configuration). Boht absolute and relative paths work, relative paths resolve against the folder where you have your *.cat.yaml project file.