Running tests

How to run tests with CAT?

Run All Tests

Assuming you already opened a project file using Open-CatProject, you can start testing with


There is also a shortcut, instead of opening a project and then invoking tests, use this to do both at the same time:

Invoke-CatProject "D:\Tests\"

Invoke-CatProject is basically just a shortcut, it opens the project and starts the tests.

Run Only Some Tests

Often you’ll have a need to run only some of the tests you have in your project. E.g., only tests that belong to a specific Test suite, tests that contain somethig in their name, one test that failed etc.

To do so, use Filter parameter. Do not use any wildcards. The parameter just filters the tests that contain the test in their full name.

Invoke-CatProject -Filter "gate"

In CAT, combination of Test suite, Test case, Order and Test name is always unique (otherwise an error is thrown) and we refer to it as full name. The combination of these properties uniquely identifies the test. If all four properties as provided, it looks like [My test suite].[0].[Some test case].[My test name]. If you omit some values (only Test name is obligatory), it is also missing in the full name, e.g.: [My test suite].[My test name].

To run one specific test only, either use filter that is “specific enough” to filter out only the test you are about to run, or specify its full name.

Invoke-CatProject -Filter "[My test suite].[0].[Some test case].[My test name]"