Set is not Empty

You expect the query returned at least one row.


This expectation is useful in smoke tests. E.g., after a release or after every data load into DWH you might want to check that a table is not empty - you expect the process loaded at least “something”:

- Suite: Smoke Tests
  Name: Table Dimension.Customer is loaded
  Data Source: DWH
  Query: SELECT * FROM Dimension.Customer
  Expectation: set is not empty


If no rows are returned, the result will be Failed.

If at least one row is returned, the result will be Passed.

If the underlying provider returns an exception, the result will be Error.


When this expectation is veryfied, CAT closes connection to the underlying provider immediately after it receives first results.

And as with any other expectation, if the query runs too long time, consider using some optimization techniques, such as SELECT TOP(1) in SQL server, limit 1 in PostgreSQL etc.