Execute Tests

How to Execute Tests defined in a Project File?

Well, you defined your data source and you have your first test. Time to execute it, isn’t it?

Open a PowerShell session. Remember you need PowerShell 7! (see Prerequisites).

Navigate to the directory where you have you project file. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, run your first test:

cd "D:\AutomatedTests\TryingCAT"

If the directory contains only one .cat.yaml file, it will pick it up and process it.

Alternatively, you can add a path (full path or path to a dicrectory with one .cat.yaml file):

Invoke-CatProject "D:\AutomatedTests\TryingCAT"

Once you run the command, you should get results:

Executing CAT project

Might look like mess, but actually it is handy. If that scared the hell out of you, don’t worry, GUI is also on the way, coming soon.

What the output contains?

  • Log messages - they are crucial for troubleshooting. Virtually anything can go wrong. You can have incorrect syntax of your project file, typo in a SQL query, reference non-existing data source, missing permissions, … Logs can help you identify what’s wrong, that’s why they are turned on by default.

  • Passed, Failed or Error for each test.

  • Summary: how many tests passed, how many failed etc.