Run all your tests with one command


This command runs all your tests specified in your project file.

Basic Usage

If you are in a folder where there is only one .cat.yaml file, you can simple run catcli run:

CAT CLI run command

If you need to navigate CAT to specific project file (e.g., when you have it in different than current folder or when you have more projects in your current folder):

catcli run --project "D:\Testing\"
catcli run -p "D:\Testing\"


By default, relatively extensive logging is used. This is helpful for knowing what is CAT doing at the moment and for potential troubleshooting.

If all goes smoothly, you may get rid of logging:

catcli run -l None

Or to get details only for tests with Failed or Error results, use

catcli run -l Error

Future Plans

Not yet implemented, but you’ll be able to run one specific test or subset of tests.