CAT 0.9.1

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy page added (just a placeholder so far). The registration form now requires agreement with privacy policy and with license terms, all with hyperlinks.

Documentation Improvements

Most stuff on the documentation home page leads to somewhere now (many pages are still placeholders though). License text for unregistered edition added.

Added a page that compares “editions” of CAT. Added information what happens, when the limit for number of tests per one run is reached (=> inconclusive result).

Small Improvements

Registration form: “processing” screen added, so that the user knows something is going on when the system is generating a registration key and sends the email.

When PowerShell module is imported, it writes the link to the CAT documentation and ASCII art:

CAT module imported

Integration tests

Tens of integration tests now run as part of the CAT build pipeline. Major CAT functionality is tested end to end:

CAT integration tests

If we screw up something you use, we’ll know before we push a new version to PowerShell gallery. Therefore upgrading CAT to newer version is much safer now. All new functionality we’ll develop in future will be covered by integration tests.