CAT 0.13.0

CAT portal moved!

CAT portal servers for registration - you can get a free registration key there and raise the number of tests you can execute at once. The portal was formerly available at

New URL of the CAT portal is:

The “ domain still exists and will be used for CAT landing page, which is coming soon.

CAT is a bit nicer

Once all tests are done, CAT displays a short summary with numbers of tests. It looked like this:

CAT summary in log

It is still like that in the log files, but when running interactively, you now get a bit more polished overview:

CAT tests result summary

You also get a “chart” for a quick overview how many tests are not passing.

In a more complex project the overview might look something like this:

CAT test result summary more complex

Integration tests

CAT is again a bit more tested, integration tests for CSV providers (Csv@1 provider and CsvOleDb@1 provider) were added.