It is very easy to integrate CAT into DevOps frameworks / platforms.

CAT is implemented as a PowerShell module. This makes things very easy. One one-line command to install CAT, one one-line command to import it to PowerShell session, one one-line command to execute tests in your project file…

Install-Module CAT -AcceptLicense
Import-Module CAT
Invoke-CatProject ""

Any automation framework is able to run PowerShell. You can use the lines above as a starting point. Just remember CAT requires PowerShell 7.

If you use any of these platforms, you don’t even need to spend much time with the integration, just follow our guides:

Every guide has this structure:

Section Description
Prerequisites What you need in order to follow the guide
Secrets How to handle secret values (such as connection strings, tokens etc.)
Pipeline code Example of a very simple pipeline that installs CAT and runs tests
Results How does the platform present the results to the user

We also expect you have at least basic knowledge of the platform, otherwise it might be painful to setup your pipelines.