Displays information about your CAT instance or sets keys.


You may want to verify what version of CAT you are running, what edition, whether it is registered or not etc.

This command also sets registration and / or license keys.

View Instance

catcli instance --show

The result looks something like this:

CAT CLI instance

Set Registration Key

When you register (no costs), limits of maximum tests per run is significantly higher then in the free version. You can register at

You set use PowerShell Set-CatInstance function to register, or simply in CAT CLI:

catcli instance --setRegistrationKey 'your-registration-key-comes-here'

Set License Key

Buing and setting a license key not only removes all limits - it also gives you a permission to run CAT in non-interactive mode (in pipelines, scheduled runs etc.). Once you get your key (, you can again set it using Set-CatInstance PowerShell function or

catcli instance --setLicenseKey 'your-license-key-comes-here'