Install CAT

You can install CAT using standard Install-Module cmdlet.

As mentioned in the introduction, CAT is distributed as a PowerShell module. That means, you can install it as any other PowerShell module, from PowerShell gallery, with all bells and whistles of PowerShell.

Start a new PowerShell session.

Simplest form:

Install-Module CAT -AcceptLicense -AllowClobber

You have a choice, depending whether you are an administrator, to install for all users or for current user only:

Install-Module CAT -Scope AllUsers -AcceptLicense -AllowClobber
# or
Install-Module CAT -Scope CurrentUser -AcceptLicense -AllowClobber

You can install specific version. This is especially useful in automation - you should always fix the version you are using:

# a variable makes the version more visible in your code,
# have it at the beginning of your scripts
$CatVersion = '0.10.0'

Install-Module CAT -RequiredVersion $CatVersion -AcceptLicense -AllowClobber
# there are also arguments MinimumVersion and MaximumVersion

You can have more versions of the same module installed, e.g. the one you use in Production and the latest one. If PowerShell complains, you might need to use -Force argument. Force switch is also needed if PowerShell Gallery is not set as trusted (which is default) - you’ll then get rid of confirmation that pops up.

Install-Module CAT -Force -AcceptLicense -AllowClobber