Apply a License Key

License Key

Thanks for buying the CAT License. If you read this, chances are you already bought a license and you have your license key.

The license key looks something like this:


(please note the above key is only an example, it is actually NOT a valid license key).

You got the license key from our sales people after signing the license agreement.

How to Apply the License Key?

You can apply the license key using PowerShell. Please replace the your-license-key-comes-here placeholder with the valid key:

Import-Module CAT
Set-CatInstance -LicenseKey 'your-license-key-comes-here'

The CAT instance is always unlocked on “user level”. If you run CAT under another security context, you need to again unlock it using the code above. It has no impact on number of licenses you need, you only pay for number of CAT instances running in parallel (see CAT licensing for details)