Naming Conventions

Is CAT case sensitive? What are naming conventions? Find out here.

On many places in this documentation, there are information about required properties. E.g., the Data Sources documentation claims you need to provide ConnectionString for each data source.

You might wonder, whether this is case sensitive or not and what forms are allowed.

You don’t have to specify everything exactly as mentioned in the documentation, for the mentioned example CAT will understand all of these:

Provided property/column Notes
ConnectionString Many developers prefere Pascal Case
cOnnEcTioNSTRing CAT is NOT case sensitive
Connection String Friendly name, with spaces
CONNECTION_STRING Underscores instead of spaces

This is a pattern, so if the documentation mentiones e.g., Get List of Tests from, CAT will also work with Get_List_of_Tests_from and GetListOfTestsFrom.

Use this to your advantage, follow any of the conventions to fit with your development guidelines.

Note: CAT does NOT support Kebab Case, but if you use it, please let us know, it is very easy to implement.

Data Sources:
- Name: first source
  Connection String: ...
- Name: second source

In YAML, once a keyword is used, the following ones must not differ.