Dax@1 provider lets you issue queries against tabular models - Power BI and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).

If you need to test local or remote tabular models in SSAS or Power BI, you will find Dax@1 provider useful. It let’s you issue DAX queries against those data sources.

Connect to Power BI Workspace

Your muse have Power BI Premium or Power BI Premium per user in order to connect to a Power BI dataset programatically.

Data Sources:
- Name: My Power BI Dataset
  Provider: Dax@1
  ConnectionString:   >
      Data Source=powerbi://api.powerbi.com/v1.0/your-organization.com/your-workspace-name;
      Initial Catalog=Your-Dataset-Name;

Replace the placeholders (your-organization.com, your-workspace-name and your-dataset-name) with real values. You already must have a service principal with a valid secret and with admin access to your Power BI workspace.

We prepared a thorough tutorial about testing Power BI data both on your machine and in Power BI workspace. If the information above is not sufficient for you (it is only a reference), please follow the tutorial.

Connect to SSAS

Data Sources:
- Name: My Tabular Model
  Provider: Dax@1
  Connection string: Provider=MSOLAP;data source=localhost;integrated security=SSPI;Catalog=WideWorldImporters

Connection string has these parts:

Part Notes
Provider always MSOLAP
Data source IP address or name of your server
Integrated security SSPI (for local connections to SSAS)
Catalog Name of the database you want to run queries against

Example Test

In this test you compare data returned from a DAX query (it is made up example without much sense) with expected data you provided in YAML:

- Name: Check zip codes
  First Data Source: MyTabularModel
  First Query: |
    	TOPN(3,VALUES('Customer'[Postal Code]))
    ORDER BY 'Customer'[Postal Code]
  Second data source: yaml
  Second Query: /Expected results
  Expectation: sets match

Driver Installation

You need to install Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016 Redistributable. Choose 64 bit edition:

MS Access Database Engine 64 bit

Click on the Next button and then on Download button.

MS Access Database Engine 64 bit

Installation is straightforward, just go Next, Next, Next.