CAT 0.12.0


The documentation now contains prety much everything. These missing pieces were added (some of them are relatively huge):

  • PowerShell module
  • Outputs
  • Providers
  • Expectations
  • Short tutorials for quick installation and how to run first tests were added.
  • Links from the documentation home page were adjusted.
  • Roadmap can be found in the documentation now.
  • CAT editions are described in detail and what are the differences between them.

Just click Help in the top menu of this page and explore.

Simply said, two releases back the documentation was nearly empty (except for the release notes). Now it is nearly done.

Feedback is welcome! Did you find anything that is missing or not comprehensible? Find typos? Let us know, please.

From now on, all new CAT features will be released together with the documentation.