A short introduction to CAT outputs.

By default, CAT does not produce any output except for logging messages or console output. Those are useful for quick overview, interaction with CAT or troubleshooting. However, it is often useful to further process the output of tests. You might have needs such as

  • display results of tests in automation pipelines (Azure DevOps, GitLab, …)
  • share results in user-friendly format (MS Excel)
  • automate some processes, e.g., start some process when specified test(s) fail, inform someone via email, …

In these situations, it is handy to have a file with tests results in a format suitable for the situation. It is extremly easy to get it from CAT.

Setting output is extremely easy in CAT. Example: if you need resulsts of tests in MS Excel format and in JSON, just add this line to your project file:

Output: xlsx, json

And that’s it! See TestResults directory next to your project file - it will be created immediatly after you first run tests. Well, only if you have that Output line in your project file and didn’t forget to save it :-)

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