Get CAT License

Please consider buying CAT - remove all limits and help us develop the product.

Why You Should Consider Buying a License

  1. For the period when your license is valid, CAT will work for you without any limits. You can run as many tests as you need in a single run.
CAT Limit
Unregistered instance 500 tests in a single run
Registered instance 2500 tests in a single run
Licensed instance unlimited
  1. You can run CAT in autonomous (non-interactive) mode - see ‘How is CAT Licensed’ section of this article for the details.

  2. When you buy a license, you will also support us in the development of the product, adding new features etc.

How is CAT Licensed?

CAT license is valid for a specific period of time. Usualy it is one year, but you can buy CAT for longer period to ensure the price will not change for you in the future. During this year, you can unlock CAT and remove the limits mentioned above.

You need a license for each parallel running instance of CAT. Number of licenses you buy equals to number of CAT instances that can run at the same time (in parallel).

A license is needed only for processes running in autonomous mode.

By parallel running instance we mean: in a single moment in time two or more CAT instances are running - it does not matter if on a single server or on more servers. By autonomous mode we mean: any run of CAT that was NOT manualy invoked by a user (such as run in a Task Scheduler, Azure DevOps pipeline, GitHub action etc.).

How Many Licenses Do I Need? Examples

Testers are developing and manually running tests against both development and production versions of your systems.
=> You need no license, all is happening in non-autonomous mode.

A tester is developing tests, saving them to source control repository and runs them in a pipeline. There are no parallel runs of the pipeline.
=> You need 1 license (one autonomous run).

Two different teams are developing a software and use automated tests, independently of the other team. => You need 2 licenses, because it is not guaranteed, that two instances of CAT will not run at the same time.

In case of any doubts, please contact us.

How Do I Buy a License?

Please contact our sales - We’ll discuss the details with you (license agreement, invoice etc.).

What Happens When My License Expires?

CAT will revert either to registered or unregistered edition (depending whether you have a valid registration key).

You can still use CAT, but you’ll be limited in the number of tests that can be executed in a single run, and you will not be allowed to use CAT in autonomous mode.

OK, I Bought a License - What Next?

Please follow these instructions to apply your license key.