CAT 0.11.0


Documentation is no longer completly empty. Added:

  • installation
  • basics of CAT
  • troubleshooting
  • naming conventions
  • expectations

And more is coming :-) Feedback is highly welcome - is it too long, too short, too stupid, too technical, …

New expectation

You can achieve almost anything with sets match, but proper expectations might shed more light on what are your intentions, what you are really testing. New expectation set is not empty was added, gues what it checks :-) Or consult its documentation, it already exists.

Implemented providers and expectations

Information about the instance now contains also list of implemented providers and expectations.

Providers and expectations list

You can check it like this:



  • Due to new default for logging (turned on, Information level), PowerShell was displaying the summary of tests twice (once as usual, once in log). Fixed.

  • It was not possible to load ExcelOleDB@1 provider (and Postgres@1 and Oracle@1), due to a bug. Fixed.

  • Expectation now follow generic CAT naming conventions. That means use any you are used to :-) Set is Empty, SET_IS_EMPTY, SetIsEmpty? Whatever you like.