CAT 0.8.0


Did you notice the release notes link brought you to somewhere else this time? CAT has now completely new documentation platform. The documentation still contains only release notes, but soon it will be filled with stuff.

Before the documentation starts appearing here, your feedback is highly welcome.

Built-in search feature

Did you notice the search at the top of this page? Try to search something from the previous release notes, e.g. xlsx, if you forgot how to add MS Excel output format.

Syntax highlighting

The code in the documentation always contains Copy button and is nicelly highlighted:

Data sources:
- Name: DWH
  Provider: SqlServer@1
  Connection string: ....
SELECT * FROM Test.TestDefinition
$result = Invoke-CatTest


The documentation is still written in Markdown, so any team member can participate on it. See a screenshot of this page in VS Code:


Documentation as Code

The documentation source is versioned together with code, in the very same repository. New features, developed in branches, edit and enrich the documentation with new content. Once the feature is released, the documentation is automatically built and deployed -> no waiting for updated documentation, it is always released at the very same time.

Adding comments

It is crucial for us to have a good documentation. That also means anybody should be able to provide feedback about it - hence the ability to add comments at the bottom of every documentaiton page, including release notes and tutorials. You’ll need Disqus account, if you don’t have it yet. If you don’t like (or like) anything about the documentation (such as it is not comprehensible, missing important details etc.), the comments are the right place to let us know.

So that’s for now. The idea is to create tutorials, short intro videos, add the road map here, license text, references.