CAT 0.19.0

Give us Feedback

You influence the future of CAT. Here is a new place where you can share feedback, come with ideas, report bugs etc.:

When you import CAT module, you’ll see the link too:

CAT Import-Module feedback link

Or approach us directly, as you do now, looking forward :-)

With a few of you we have regular 15 minutes sessions where we discuss how to make life of a tester / developer easier. These sessions have impact on priorities for the development of CAT - if you are interested, contact us:

Documentation and CAT Portal Look & Feel

You probably already noticed - this site looks a bit different. And did you notice the feature request form in the bottom right corner?

CAT documentation

The same for CAT portal:

Test Your Queries

Users reported difficulties when working with providers without GUI for querying. Yes, MS Excel. If you run complex queries against it, combining data from more sheets or workbooks, aggregating them etc., it’s useful to see what CAT will see.

Now it is easy with the new Invoke-CatCommand function:

(Invoke-CatCommand 'AERO_PROD' $query).Data
# or if you want to see the data in Excel:
(Invoke-CatCommand 'AERO_PROD' $query).Data | Export-Csv Gates.csv

Just specify what data sources you want to query and the text of the query. All providers are supported. The data is returned as PowerShell objects, so you can further process them.

Cat-Invoke data

This feature was introduced mainly to support CAT GUI. Yes, CAT team is already working on it ;-)

See Full Documentation.

That’s it :-). Happy testing.

CAT team