CAT Studio is a graphical user interface (GUI) for CAT.

What is CAT Studio

CAT Studio is a useful tool for running CAT tests. It looks like this:

CAT Studio screenshot

It comes handy when you frequently run tests. You might prefer it over PowerShell module or CAT CLI.

What you CAN do in CAT Studio

CAT studio is still in preview, it was released recently. Despite that fact, it already can do lots of things for you:

  • Create a new sample project

  • Open a project and see data sources and tests defined in the project

  • See tests generated from metadata

  • Filter and / or group tests

  • Run the tests and see the results

  • See details of any tests - useful especially for failed tests

  • Run ad hoc queries against data sources defined in your project

What you CANNOT do in CAT Studio

CAT Studio is still very young (it was born in March 2024). We plan to upgrade it to the best data tests authoring and running experience ever.

These things are planned for future releases and are NOT yet available in CAT Studio:

  • Adding, editing or deleting test definitions direclty in CAT Studio

  • Adding, editing or deleting data source definitions

  • Defining or editing metadata for tests

  • View or change outputs or any other settings

Generally, any changes to your project file are not possible to do using CAT Studio. At this stage it is a tool for viewing and running your tests. That will soon change.

How do I get CAT Studio?

It is in Microsoft Store. Search for “CAT Studio”. Be sure to search for “CAT Studio”, NOT just “CAT”.

CAT in MS Store

Known Issues

  • We are aware of occassional crashes. We addressed many in the latest release. They are much less frequent now, but did not disappear completelly yet.

  • Opening another project when one is already open causes troubles. This will be fixed soon. So far we recommend workflow “Open one project => work with it => close CAT Studio completelly”.

  • Tests results filter shows numbers instead of text.

  • A template for generating tests from metadata is displayed as a “regular” test row.

CAT Studio is brand new. The CAT team will be very happy to hear any feedback from you! You can use the “Feedback” button here in the documentation (left bottom corner). Thank you!