Output Properteis

Complete list of properties CAT supports on the output

Some outputs - such as JUnit or TRX - expect exact set of properties in exact format.

On the other hand, other outputs are highly configurable and you can very easily adjust what you want and what you don’t want. This is especially valid for output to relational databases (see SQL Server output or ORACLE output). By simply creating a table with all of the columns mentioned here, or their subset, you can on two rows instruct CAT to export the test results into that table.

Remember CAT supports more naming conventions. Use naming convention you follow in your database. For CAT, TestResult, test_result, TEST_RESULT, Test Result is all the same. Some support more forms e.g., CAT will understand both Project and ProjectName.

Property name What it Contains
Execution Guid UUID that uniquely identifies one single run of tests. Can help you group what tests were run together.
Project, Project Name Name of your project file, without .cat.yaml suffix.
Full Name, Test Full Name Full name of a test, in form [TestSuiteName].[Order].[TestCaseName].[TestName] (blank parts omitted).
Test Result, Result Either Passed, Failed, Error or Inconclusive.
StartedOn, Started When evaluation of the test started (UTC).
FinishedOn, Finished When evaluation of the test finished (UTC).
Raw Message Error message, with examples of data (if not turned of), but without additional info (w/o test name, test suite etc.).
Exception Exception details (also available in RawMessage and Message for test with test result Error).
Description Description of the test.
First Data Source Name of the data source for the first query
FirstQuery, Query Text of the first query
Second Data Source Name of the data source for the second query
Second Query Text of the second query
Expectation Name of the expectation
Key Name of the key column in the first or second query, if it was used
Metadata, Test Metadata Name of the named set used for generating tests from metadata
Tags, Test Tags List of comma separated tags
Suite, Test Suite Name of test suite
Test Case Name of test case
Order, Test Order Order of the test
Name, Test Name Name of the test (is not unique!)
Timeout Timeout for the queries, if it was set
Maximum Errors Logged How many errors should be visible in the error message
Thread Number, Thread Number of thread the test was executed in (0, 1, 2, …) - for troubleshooting
Message Complete message (including test name, queries, …) - as visible in Azure DevOps
Number Of Errors Total number of errors CAT found (so far works only for SetIsEmpty and off by default)
Log Number Of Errors Whether the option to count total number of errors was set for the test or not.