CAT 0.25.0

ODBC provider

CAT has a new provider, Odbc@1. You can now test any data CAT does not support with a native connector. You can do whatever you are used to with other CAT providers - test the ODBC data, compare them with data from other providers (e.g., Power BI, Excel, other relational database system, …), load test definitions from ODBC data… Whatever you need.

See Full documentation.


Because of the new ODBC connector, you can now test data in the Databaricks delta tables. We ourselves use CAT to compare data from Azure Databricks delta tables against semantic models in Power BI workspaces. But you are NOT limited to Microsoft Azure world, if you have Databricks in other cloud and your ODBC entry works, CAT tests will work too.

See our tutorial for details.

CAT can help you generate tests based on metadata. Feel free to use Unity catalog data to generate tests. See the documentation for generating tests.

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We fixed couple of things in the documentation. All of that was based on your feedback, so please continue reporting us anything that is not comprehensible or is clearly wrong. Use the feedback button directly on the documentation page with the problem you want to report.

That’s it :-). Happy testing.

CAT team