CAT 1.0.0

Why CAT 1.0.0?

Breaking Changes

According to semantic versioning, every change in major version brings some breaking changes.

CAT now requires PowerShell 7.4

Short explanation why: PowerShell team releases every second year long term support (LTS) version of PowerShell, based on newer LTS version of .NET. These updates often contain significat performance improvements. We want to keep CAT a performing tool based on up-to-date technologies. This is worth updating PowerShell once in 2 years. Please note this has no impact on CAT CLI and no impact on CAT Studio.

Documentation was updated to be clear what version of CAT requires what version of PowerShell. See prerequisites.

New Providers

Snowflake Provider (Preview)

CAT was so far able to test data in Snowflake using ODBC provider. We now introduce native Snowflake provider. You don’t need any additional prerequisites, CAT now supports Snowflake out-of-the-box. See full documentation for Snowflake provider.

cat logo


Snowflake logo

MySql Provider (Preview)

Another preview feature is a native provider for MySQL. The provider supports all major “variants” of MySQL, like Amazon Aurora RDS, Azure Database for MySQL, Google Cloud SQL for MySQL, MariaDB, and even MySQL :-) Known limitation: we encountered problems running tests in Azure DevOps agents with this provider, that will be addressed in the next release.

See full documentation for MySql@1 provider.

CAT Studio (Preview)

CAT has now its own GUI! It is very young and needs stability fixes (those will come later this week). But you already can load your .cat.yaml project file (no limitations), see your tests, run them and see details.

Failed test in CAT studio

See full documentation for CAT Studio. Please also note CAT Studio and CAT CLI will be upgraded to version 1.0.0 later this week.

Small Improvements

Many users asked to provide more erroneous rows in set is empty expectation. It is possible now. And as in sets match expectation, maximum is 50 rows:

Set is empty expectation with erroneous rows

Full documentatin for Set is empty expectation was adjusted.

That’s it :-). Happy testing.

CAT team