CAT 1.1.0

Reminder for PowerShell users of CAT: PowerShell is evolving, getting new features and security fixes. Please upgrade to PowerShell 7.4.1 or later. CAT 1.0.0 and higher require PowerShell 7.4.1. Thank you!

Snowflake Provider Generally Available

In the previous version (1.0.0) we announced a new preview feature - new native Snowflake provider. It works out-of-the-box, all you need is to install CAT. No additional drivers are needed. We did a lot of testing, including performance testing. Snowflake connector is now generally available and fully supported.

We announced the general availability also on our LinkedIn profile. Follow it to get latest information.

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See full documentation for Snowflake provider.

Contains Expectation (Preview)

List of supported expectations in CAT is not amazingly long. We consider it an advantage - you learn only a few, and because you have full power of SQL (or DAX) at hand, you may express whatever expectation needed in a very easy and intuitive way, using those existing expectations.

One common situation was hard to tackle though. Let’s say you have data in one system (such as in a CRM backed by a MySQL database) and you need to verify they are subset of data in another system (such as DWH in a Azure SQL managed instance). Something like the existing sets match expectation, but one of the sides is expected to have additional rows.

We introduce a new expectation: Contains. You need to provide two queries. By default the first set is expected to contain the second set. The first set may have also additional rows, the second set can not.

You can also use Expectation: first contains second or Expectation: second contains first to directly state what you need to verify.

See full documentation.

As with other preview features, please let us know what you think. We can adjust it based on your feedback, before it is generally available.

That’s it :-). Happy testing.

CAT team