CAT 1.3.0

Today we have good news for our users who run tests against PostgreSQL databases (on any platform). If you are interested into running CAT on Linux, there is also an exciting news for you.

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Output Test Results to PostgreSQL

CAT can store results of your tests in a database table. It can even call a procedure of your choice to handle a test result. This was so far supported for SQL Server and ORACLE. Now this works for PostgreSQL.

CAT output in PostgreSQL table

Better Troubleshooting for PostgreSQL

Sometimes it may be frustrating when you face connectivity or other problems and don’t have any DBAs who can help you. This is a situation users complain about. To help with this, we added more debugging messages for PostgreSQL provider. You will now exactly know when CAT opened or resued a connection, when it sent a query to a server, when it started receiving rows… When evaluating tests, CAT can now also provide information after reading every 100k rows.

console with detailed debug messages

This detailed level for logging is not turned on by defaut, you need to instruct CAT to log more:

Invoke-CatProject Tests/ -LoggingLevel Debug # if used in PowerShell
# or
catcli run -p Tests/ -l Debug # if you use CAT CLI

It should help you to have more insights what exactly is going on. If this proves useful, we’ll add this to all providers.

Better Connection Handling for PostgreSQL

Starting with this release, CAT has more smart connection handling for PostgreSQL. Before executing tests, CAT opens three connections per thread (only 3 connections when you execute your tests in a single thread, which is default). These are kept open, are reused and are released once all tests are evaluated.

CAT Runs on Linux!

Did you know cats and penguins are friends?

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Running CAT on Linux is not yet officially supported, but that will come soon. CAT is implemented in .NET and PowerShell - both are cross-platform technologies. It does not mean that everything works on Linux - we have more providers based on Microsoft technologies and those need drivers that work on Windows only. Some CAT features will need adjustments to work on Linux (e.g., outputing test results into MS Excel works now on MS Windows only).

The good news is: we tested CAT on Ubuntu with Postgres@1 and SqlServer@2 providers, and all works fine.

And another good news: soon we’ll update the documentation, so that you know what you can expect to be working on Linux.

We also added a new how-to tutorial to get CAT working on Ubuntu.

That’s it :-). Happy testing.

CAT team