CAT 1.4.0

CAT on Linux

In the last release, we announced cats and penguins are friends.

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We did more testing and enriched the documentation with the results. Now you can review:

Both overviews contain “Linux” column with information that will help you to determine whether it may work on Linux. Tested with CAT PowerShell module on Ubuntu 22.04.

Running CAT on Linux is not yet officially supported. We first need to fully automate all our tests on the platform.

New CSV Provider

Some time ago we released Excel@2 provider for better MS Excel support. It does not require any prerequisites / drivers and allows querying the MS Excel data using very advanced SQL constructs. CAT loads the selected sheets into an in-memory DuckDB database before test evaluation.

In this release, we introduce similar provider for CSV: Csv@2. There are no prerequisites, it works out-of-the-box.

Data Sources:
- Name: 'FinancialData'
  Provider: Csv@2
  Connection string: 'DataToTest\Invoices.csv'

You can then refer to the table in your tests as FinancialData.Invoices (data source name.file name). There is much more (support for wildcards, various settings to tweak the CSV import, query gzipped files, …).

Check the full documentation. This provider is in Preview.

Small Improvement For Export to MS Excel

Because of Azure DevOps and other platforms we support, we were always enriching the Message with SQL statements, description and other useful information. This is useful in those platforms, but annoying elsewhere, such as in a table in a database, where you export the test results. Or in MS Excel files. Those contain all the other infromation already anyway.

MS Excel export will now contain only the “raw message” in Message column, without those additonal stuff you already have in other columns.

That’s it :-). Happy testing.

CAT team