CAT 0.26.0

New Provider for SQL Server

Yes, we already support SQL server, since CAT was born. So why a new provider?

Simply because Microsoft is actively developing a newer one. It suppors lots of new features, such as service principals, multi-factor authentication and lots of others. As a tester or developer, you will sooner or later need these features. Some of you already do, that’s why we are adding support for it.

Long story short, CAT has now much better support for Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) identities.

MS Entra ID

See full documentation of SqlServer@2 provider.

DAX tutorials

In latest releases, we focused on support for testing Power BI data. Wherever they are - both in local .pbix files and in deployed models in Power BI workspaces. But what if you do not know any DAX? Or if your knowledge of DAX is very limited?

You CAN write tests for Power BI data anyway. We added two tutorials:

  • The first one shows you how to use a graphical query builder in DAX studio to author queries without any prior DAX knowledge - see GUI for DAX queries.

  • The second one provides information how to use very simple DAX, with examples comparing simple SQL statements with corresponding DAX statements - see DAX tutorial.

Enhancements and Fixes

Various fixes and small enhancements were added, based on your feedback. Example - the exec command and corresponding PowerShell Invoke-CatCommand now work much better with errors:

CAT CLI exec command error

In PowerShell, the exception is returned as object, you can decide in your logic what to do next:

CAT PS module error

That’s it :-). Happy testing.

CAT team