CAT 0.27.0

Running Subset of Tests

Projects in CAT usually contain lots of tests. No matter if they were provided by a tester, generated from metadata or you got them in MS Excel from business guys. There’s just plenty of them.

In previous versions, it was not possible to easily filter what tests to run. Now it is a piece of cake:

Invoke-CatProject -Filter "gate"

or in CAT CLI:

catcli run --filter "gate"
#  or
catcli run -f "gate"

CAT pretends the tests that do not satisfy the filter do not exist at all. They are ignored in statistics and outputs.

Run only some tests with CAT CLI

It is now very easy to run a specific Test suite, test case, or a single test. For details, see full documentation for PowerShell module or for CAT CLI.

Happy testing :-)

CAT team